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Construction activities include common tasks like drilling, sanding, and grinding materials. The majority of which contain silica particles or produce other dust posing a risk to the human respiratory system.

Ventilation is the primary method used to extract hazardous dust and fumes from the workplace. It can provide consistent and adjustable air pressure and incorporate heating, cooling, and air purification functions for safe and comfortable working conditions.

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Food Processing

Ventilation in the food processing industry can help solve many issues, including changes in air pressure when transferring goods in and out, removal of heat, steam and odours from cooking or processing, or air motion to prevent the build-up of condensation.

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The agricultural industry is susceptible to risks associated with rainfall patterns, extreme temperatures, heat stress on livestock, biosecurity, distribution of crops and livestock and fluctuations in the quality and quantity of crops. Avoid temperature fluctuations, and remove harmful gases, dust and odours with Fanquip's range of products for agricultural structures.


It’s critical that manufacturing facilities are correctly ventilated to provide a safe environment for workers. Occupational lung diseases occur due to breathing in dust, fumes and gases and can cost workplaces thousands in fines, worker insurance claims, unproductivity and sick days.